Windsor Park Townhomes Owners’ Association, Inc

Rules & Regulations


These rules and regulations are not intended to restrict any reasonable rights of enjoyment but to maintain Windsor Park as a quiet and clean place to live.
Violation of Rules are Subject to Enforcement per FL

Statute 720.305

Traffic & Vehicle Responsibilities:

1.    One Way Traffic Only - Windsor Park is one way only.

2.    Speed Limit/Reckless Driving- the speed limit is 15 mph. 

3.    The parking of boats, large trucks, mobile homes, or trailers in any area of the complex is not permitted.

4.    Inoperable automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles may not be stored on any portion of the property. Owners are prohibited from making major repairs on vehicles anywhere on the property. See Article VIII Section 9 of the Governing Documents.

5.    Each unit has two (2) uncovered, marked parking spaces, those which are near their unit. Visitors must park in spaces that are not numbered. All vehicles must park within the white lines.  At no time shall a vehicle be parked at an angle or completely across the lines. Further, no vehicle shall be parked in the roadway or over the curb. No parking on the grass. 

6.    Do not block the dumpster.


Owner Responsibilities:

1.    No unit shall be used except for residential purposes.

2.    Loud noise, noxious or offensive activity or nuisance that impedes the safety or quiet enjoyment of residents in any area of the complex is not permitted. Please be respectful of your neighbors.

3.    No animals, livestock, or poultry, or any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on any unit, except that dogs, cats, or other normal household pets may be kept, provided they are kept indoors at all times, or kept on a leash when outside.

4.    Animal owners shall ensure that all pet waste is picked up and disposed in a sanitary manner.

5.    No personal items are to be stored outside on common property.

6.    Homeowners property must be free of rubbish and all screens must be kept in good repair.

7.    No signs for any purpose shall be placed on common property. Real Estate signs may be placed in windows.

8.    Owners are responsible for any damages caused by renters and guests.



1.    Please see Article VIII Section 11 of the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions for guidance on leasing units.

Common Areas:

1.    All trash is to be placed in plastic bags and placed in dumpsters provided by the complex.  All boxes must be broken down. Do not place trash in recycling bins.

2.    Please abide by pool hours and posted regulations.

3.    Owners must ensure all contractors performing work to any unit (e.g remodeling) must provide their own trash disposal. At no time may a contractor dispose of any materials in the dumpsters provided by Windsor Park.

4.    Bulk Items may never be placed in or around the dumpsters. Bulk Items include appliances, furniture, mattresses and box springs. Owners requiring removal of bulk items should arrange and pay for pick up.

5.    Owners wishing to add exterior, non-holiday related lighting must use lights that are non-wired (e.g. solar) and placed in a location that will not impede lawn care contractors. Any lighting placed on common property that is damaged by any contractor will be the responsibility of the Homeowner.

6.    Owners may display exterior Christmas lighting that impedes lawn care from Thanksgiving through the second week of January.



Revised 12/11/18

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